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Check Out Mony Monn, The Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like Allegedly In The Kanye West Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian

Pics After The Jump

As reported yesterday, there is a sex tape of Kanye West with a Kim Kardashianlook-a-like that is currently the subject of a bidding war between various smut companies to see who will get the rights to distribute it.

The woman in the clip was not immediately identified, but according to several websites her name is Monyy Mon (sometimes spelled Monyy Mon or Mony Mon). She is a 25-year old model of Hispanic descent from California. Her real name is Jasmine.

Mony certainly bears a striking resemblance to Kim, literally from head to toe. Check out some pictures of her below as well as a booty shaking video.


Mony has taken to her Twitter account to deny that she is the woman in the sex tape. Read what she has to say below. 

About an hour later she posted another message regarding the tape.

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