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Did Chris Brown Tattoo Rihanna’s Face On His Neck?

 The internet is buzzing this morning over new ink Chris Brown has tattooed on his neck. Some are speculating that it’s supposed to be the face of his ex-girlfriendRihanna. Although the two are supposedly no longer together, they seem to be drawing closer every day.

 In an emotional interview with Oprah Winfreylast month, Riri confessed to still loving Brown.

 I truly love him,” she told the talk show host. “And the main thing for me is that he is at peace. I’m not at peace if he is unhappy or he is still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds peace.”

 Last week at the MTV Video Music Awards the former couple shared a very public hug and kiss. Which didn’t make Brown’s current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran very happy

Now Brown turns up with this new tattoo.

According to TMZ sources, Brown’s camp denies the tattoo is of Rihanna, but of “some random woman.”

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